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My first book came about rather by accident. I had no intention of writing children's books at all, in fact, adult comedy was my chosen theme. However, while uploading some pictures to a site that Lillian and I both use, I noticed a picture that another lovely lady had uploaded on the same day, of a little girl blowing seeds from a dandelion clock. My very first thought was: "Wouldn't that be a great cover for a children's book." That thought stayed with me for over a year before I finally put pen to paper and set about writing 'Izzy and the Dandelion Clock.' It is a story based on a young girl of five and three quarters who finds a dandelion in a private field which she wants to use as a dandelion clock. But, instead of telling her the time when she blows on it's fluffy white seeds, she is actually transported to a different time and place altogether. However, the story has morals and a very strong message to children to help keep them safe in this world in which we live, which is woven between the pages of a delightful children's adventure story which you can find on Amazon via my web site:

Izzy ,now nine and a half year's old, is on a train journey from London to Brighton where she meets a whole host of unusual character's.
But all is not as it seems.Where are her parents, who are the 'thought searchers' and the 'dream officials, why does 'selfie Sandra' want to take pictures of her, and where is the mysterious
gondolier really taking her as they float through space and time?

Izzy and the Night People is a children's fantasy adventure for all ages and is the second in the Izzy trilogy. The first in the series, Izzy and the Dandelion Clock, is a children's book with a message
and mainly suitable for children of primary school age. Both books are available from Amazon.

www.john-m-green.co.uk You can click on the buy now button to view and read reviews and if you wish, buy. Or simply go straight to Amazon of course.

My second book is called 'Izzy and the Night People,' a children's adventure for all ages. Izzy, then nine and a half, is on a train journey from London to Brighton where she becomes separated from her parents and her ticket to Brighton. But all is not what it seems in this story of crazy people in impossible situations. But, will Izzy find her parents and ticket ? and will she ever make it to Brighton and in one piece?

The third book of the trilogy I'm hoping to have published later in 2018. In this story called 'Izzy goes Beyond,' Izzy has reached the age of fifteen and has her most mysterious and Inline images 1dangerous adventure of all. A journey into the afterlife!
Thank you very much for showing an interest in my work and I hope very much that you, your children and grandchildren, enjoy my book's.

John M Green.
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